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I’ve been gone a while from this blog. Here’s why.

I’m currently battling depression. It’s sapping my energy and motivation for most everything in life and this is no exception.

I’m hoping to get out of this slump by forcing myself to be more active in the things I used to absolutely love doing, which is why I’ve started my Let’s Play series on New Super Mario Bros. Wii (pm me for details and links), and have created a side blog to this one and successfully applied for adminship to marchingbandproblems.

For those that noticed, thank you for paying attention.

For the other mods, thanks for keeping this going. I’m forever indebted to you.


You’re not the only one suffering from depression, Josh.
I, too, am having problems every day.
I’m always feeling unwanted and avoided.
My girlfriend is all I have to keep me going.
But sometimes, love just isn’t enough.
I want to find my purpose here on this earth, but I don’t know where to really start.
I don’t act like an ass on purpose, just so you people know, even though it may seem like it A LOT of the time.
I’m just very….damaged.  Emotionally.  I suppose it’s my way of crying out for help.
I’m very envious of people. They have their whole family, a family that’s still got a father who’s never left, and a mother who actually has time for them.
I don’t have that.  I never really did. And letting that go and moving on to be happy is just something that can’t be done in a short time.
Maybe even never.  Not to mention losing my grandmother too. My real mother, who raised me, taught me Spanish as my first language, and always took care of me because my mom was always working to make enough money to raise my brother and I.  Without her, I already feel like my family life is destroyed.

So, you’re not alone, Josh.

And to everyone following, I also want to apologize for not spending time here.  I’ve just been trying to keep myself happy by wasting my life in games and ignoring everything.  Especially with my inability to get a job.  Because my girlfriend and I just want to go get married.  After 6 years, we just want to get this done so we can work together on our future.  But we can’t without jobs.

I’m sorry guys.  But I’ll keep doing confessions when I can.

- Richard