Where you can confess to just about anything in your gaming life.
Heck, you can even make a confession about a YouTuber who plays video games that you like watching, that's a gaming confession!
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  • 24
  • Gamer since birth
  • Works with food and employed by the state of California
  • Prefers to play single player games, only plays multiplayer games with friends
  • Owns a PS3, Xbox 360, and 3DS
  • Favorite games are Final Fantasy, Deus Ex, Kingdom hearts, Metal Gear Solid, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Halo
  • Leo
  • Facetious, forward, easy to get along with
  • Won’t add anyone under 17 to his friends list online unless they prove they’re worth being added or well known


  • 20
  • Gamer since the age of 4 years
  • Will someday be a great game designer
  • Loves RPGs and consumes them like lifeblood
  • Favorite game series are Sonic, Tales of, Pokemon, Kirby, Paper Mario, Fable, Golden Sun, Banjo-Kazooie and Klonoa
  • Is generally friendly and awkward


  • 23
  • Gamer since the age of 2
  • Wants to be a Musical Theatre Performer, but gaming always holds a close second
  • Loves RPGs, FPS, Platformers, and (now) Racing Games
  • Favorite games are the Halo franchise, Sonic Franchise, Fallout Franchise, Audiosurf, Mario Franchise, and Super Meat Boy, as well as the Bioshock Franchise and Bayonetta
  • Has a PC, Wii, XBox, XBox 360, and 3DS.
  • Loves old school, apparently…
  • Friendable, socially inept at times, knows when and how to be there for anyone.
  • Give me Pringles and McChickens, and we’ll get along well.
  • XBoxLive Gamertag: CTFxCFan