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In regards to spoilers being posted on the blog:

Following this blog = knowing that you’re probably going to be shown to spoilers in some sort of video game, whether a newly released one or an old game (that you could possibly be playing at the moment). Regardless, there is no need to rage at us because we’re just running the blog and posting up confessions like we’re supposed to. Which is what the blog is about, isn’t it?

Although, consider the fact that we go through dozens of confessions every day, and just about half are almost always spoilers.  While some of us here don’t mind spoilers because we aren’t as dedicated to gaming as the others, they still would prefer to be kept in the dark on the games later parts that they have not reached yet.

Therefore, here at My Gaming Confessions, we’ve all agreed on one thing: No confessions on newly released games until 3 months after their release date to give just about everyone enough time to pick up and play from DAY 1.

We do the best that we can to hide the spoilers. We go out of our way to take precautions (and there are other gaming confession blogs out there who probably don’t even bother or care about it and just say ‘oh well, you were going to find out sooner or later’). And no, we can’t really help if people who reblog the photo remove the spoiler alert.

We really can’t stress this enough. Honestly though, the plenty of really rude, messed up messages we get for posting up spoilers isn’t going to stop us from letting people post them. I’m only doing what this blog is supposed to be about.

If you don’t like the way we run our blog - there’s an unfollow button there for a reason.