Where you can confess to just about anything in your gaming life.
Heck, you can even make a confession about a YouTuber who plays video games that you like watching, that's a gaming confession!
Please make sure you take a look at the FAQs before making a submission.

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♦ State the game you are talking about (especially when you’re mentioning a character)

♦ If your submission will contain a spoiler to a video game, PLEASE let me know so I can hide it when being posted to be considerate of those who haven’t finished the game yet and don’t want to ruin it for themselves!

♦Example: Game name [Spoiler]/[Possible spoiler] Confession confession confession. I love blah blah blah. Sucked when so-so died. Heartbreak.


  • How do we submit a confession?
  1. Click on the ‘submit a confession' link or use the ask box.
  2. Write your confession and click submit or send or whatever it is that gets it to us.
Confession Example:   GAME NAME (+game character if you wish) [SPOILER/POSSIBLE SPOILER] (only if you think your confession might spoil a game for others and it’s a recent release)
In goes your confession into the submission box.
Then you can choose from several preset tags for your confession (if you used the submit area and not the ask box).
We pick out the images to use for the confession, unless you give us one to use. If you are using your own fanart, we will credit you. If you are using someone else’s fanart, please give us a source URL or we will find another image to use.
  • How long does it take for my confession to show up?

MGC gets plenty of submissions daily so the message box is basically constantly and forever full of confessions. (Josh did empty it once!) We try to go through them as fast as we can without spamming up dashboards. Be considerate - we promise that it’ll show up sometime soon!

  • I want to submit anonymously.
Just use the ask box I guess.
  • You should not let people post spoilers to games!
Read this post. Especially if you’re going to rage at us because we posted a spoiler to a game and you read it. We free ourselves from any liability and damage caused by reading spoilers when you click the URL for this site.
As well, we have a 3 MONTH WAIT PERIOD for new game confessions, that may also include spoilers.  Read the post for more info. 
  • Where do you find your background images/textures?

Background images are normally game screencaps found from Google images. If we use some sort of fanart picture, we always give credit in the description with a link to their page. If not - it’s because we can’t find the original owner of who made it.

All credits go to their rightful owners.

  • Do you put submissions up in the order they come in?

Most of the time. If we find one we REALLY want to do, we grab it. Also, Richard and Kirvee’s text documents have some of the older ones. If it has been a long while, we didn’t delete them, in fact, we are getting to them, hold your horses!

  • What do you use to edit your photos?

Joshua uses Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 (32-bit)

Richard uses Adobe Photoshop CS5.1

  • What’s the font you use in your image?

Joshua is currently using Orator Std with “Strong” and “Slanted” font alterations.

Richard often uses BD Cartoon Shout, and alters spacing to fit accordingly to images.

  • When will submissions be back up?

We rarely, if ever, close the submissions. We haven’t ever been as behind as we were when we took over, so we have never seen a reason to. However, if we ever do close it, we will give you plenty of advance warning including a reason for doing so.

  • ____ post isn’t really a spoiler.

The person who submitted their confession submitted it with “SPOILER” in the title. Out of respect for their post, we edit and post as such.

  • Who runs the blog?

The answer to this question can be found on the staff page.

  • Are you looking for new people to help?

We are currently running just fine with the three of us. So, no, we are not looking to “hire” on anyone else. We apologize in advance.